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Key Features of the Integrated School Platform

The function of Educational institutions has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Schools have transitioned to online management systems in tandem with students shifting to online learning. To optimize business processes, administrators have started adopting Integrated School Platform (ISP) software.

Schools can automate data sorting using the most advanced and straightforward methods, eliminating physical stacks of academic and financial records. This will assist them in continually improving their performance

Schools can manage their resources and management activities using a centralized system, such as the one offered by Teachmint, which helps them not only become more profitable each year but also more productive. Here is a list of the most prominent features of the integrated school platform

Nearly Perfect Operational Autonomy

The greatest advantage of having an Integrated School Platform is that it provides schools with a unique opportunity to exercise nearly perfect autonomy in their operations. This means schools no longer have to rely on third-party vendors for anything. Every aspect of the school, from student admissions and monitoring their performance to issuing certificates upon their departure, can be systematically recorded and documented with the assistance of the Teachmint Integrated School Platform.

Swift Decision-Making

One of the most crucial aspects of running a school is the decision-making process. Numerous decisions need to be made daily, monthly, and yearly depending on the tasks at hand. Whether it's about events, holidays, or even exams, scheduling and planning are integral parts of the decision-making process. Ultimately, implementing these plans also requires resources and a capable workforce. Imagine how quickly decisions can be made if you can access all the information within seconds. Making decisions swiftly helps schools become more productive and provides them with the space to make the right decisions at any given moment

Reducing Labor and Costs

Through automation that aids school management, many tasks requiring direct human interaction have been either partially or entirely eliminated. This diminishes the need for complex and extensive manpower, consequently significantly reducing overall costs that schools would otherwise incur as part of human resource management. By incorporating human resource management into the Integrated School Platform, cost reduction can be substantial.

Fewer Documents

With the Integrated School Platform, nearly every operation is conducted digitally. Fee collection, overdue fee reminders, reports, certificates, attendance statistics, admission forms, and much more can be processed without physical paperwork. This is highly beneficial as it not only saves a considerable amount of time but also reduces the likelihood of errors that may occur in such paper-based scenarios

Real-Time Data Recording and Processing

When it comes to schools, one system leads to another. For instance, after a student goes through all formal admission processes, their details need to be added to the student directory. The same information is used for creating identification cards, certificates, and even for dormitory management. All of these require timely data recording and real-time processing, which can be easily handled by the Integrated School Platform, Teachmint.

Clear User Access Management Breakdown

A unified school platform clearly defines the roles of everyone involved. There is a distinct difference between the roles of the owner, super admin, admin, teachers, and students in the school. Tasks are also assigned accordingly. This helps teachers understand their roles and strive to excel in them

Effective Cross-System Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

All stakeholders in the school can receive updates, information, and notifications through a personal portal provided by the school's ERP software. From their portal, students can input their information, download and submit assignments, access schedules and exam alerts, pay fees and other charges, and much more. Parents can also access all of this data from the same site.

Teachers can check assignments, comment on student tasks, view student information, and input personal information for updates. They can also input information about course schedules, curriculum, and structures. If needed, they can share this information with students.

This enhances communication between instructors, parents, and students. No more wasting their time waiting in long queues for various formalities

Student and Staff Attendance Management

Tracking the attendance of both staff and students should be another crucial component of the Integrated School Platform. This promotes attendance maintenance by simplifying the tracking of students currently enrolled in the institution. The tedious procedures of calling out student names in class become simpler for teachers, and the task of going to the principal's office to sign the attendance sheet is streamlined for educators. Parents are also promptly notified if students are absent from class.

Inventory Record Maintenance

Schools should always be aware of and maintain records of what they have, how much is available, and when to replenish if supplies run out. This could include anything from school uniforms and books to desks, benches, and even laboratory equipment. With the right Inventory Management System, Teachmint helps schools make the task of performing all these calculations using registers outdated and unnecessary.

Facility Tracking

Facilities offered by schools are as important to students as the education provided. Transportation, libraries, dormitories, and inventory are integral parts of the school, and it is the admin's responsibility to track what is happening in each department. Teachmint has specialized software solutions to manage and maintain every facility offered by the school

Registration Feature The Integrated School Platform encompasses everything needed for the entire admission process. Data collection, analysis, contacting students/parents, selecting the best students and eliminating the rest, and finally adding them to the school directory can all be done from a single, simple dashboard. Teachmint even allows schools to create their own Admission Portals without any knowledge of coding. See what more you can achieve with Teachmint's Admission Management System!

Staff Management

Staff management should be as seamless as student management. Managing leaves and marking attendance for teachers is just as crucial for institutions as doing the same for students. That's why Teachmint provides a specialized Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to streamline this process.

Cost-Effective Fee Collection & Management

Cost management is a tedious task. Costs need to be collected in various formats, and installment ranges can vary significantly. If discounts are given to specific students, that needs to be taken into account. Admissions need to be granted, and differences in fee distribution must be clarified. All of this can be time-consuming if the school relies on traditional ledger-based systems. This can be avoided by using Cost Management Software, which addresses all the mentioned issues without involving human interaction.

Taking Control

The Integrated School Platform not only enhances school efficiency but also gives them the opportunity to take one step further and take full control of the school. This allows schools to make informed decisions and gives them an advantage in handling all the necessary school tasks internally, without external third parties. Schools will have full autonomy over their operations and provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of who they are and what they need to do, giving them the opportunity to focus and excel (both professionally and academically)

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