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Key Features of School Admission System

The quality services offered by schools automatically attract many parents and their children. Numerous challenging queries arise, compounded by the long queues of parents submitting admission forms. Extracting information from numerous forms, validating statements and documents, and reaching decisions can be tedious, challenging, and fraught with struggles.

The consequences are a loss of peace, excessive workload, stress, and fatigue. The impact includes a decline in productivity, errors in work, and the unavoidable loss of schools. This scenario occurs in well-established and renowned schools lacking an organized admission management system. To achieve the mentioned crucial goals, there are several listed features of admission management systems for users and readers.

What are the Features of the Admission Management System?

An effective system for school admission management assists in conducting admission operations smoothly by disseminating the most categorized information representation. This facilitates visualization, ultimately aiding in report creation. The following are its specific features according to usage:

Activities to be performed Using the Admission Management System Feature

This section outlines the actions that can be performed using the Teachmint system for admission management. Listed are the features and benefits of the activities.

Admission Management System Features

The specific features of the admission management system are:

Create customized admission forms and questions

These are school representations and, therefore, open to customization. This feature includes the addition or removal of information such as the student's middle name, desired class, statements, and other vital and relevant data according to the school's preferences and requirements.

Handle various applications in one place

Columns are named to provide accurate information. For example, the question column will list candidates who have just asked that information. Similarly, other sections such as the first call, interview section, and others state what is already clear.

Document Validation

The available forms require minimal human intervention to assess students. Various actions that can be easily performed on forms through Teachmint include document verification and validating information listed in the form through uploaded evidence. The assessment conducted by school officials also includes checking eligibility criteria, past records, and student performance. They can cross-check stated grades and summarize them in specific subjects based on the chosen stream, overall percentage, or attendance records.

Track the information

This allows for the management of information all at once on a single page. All this information is presented side by side, thus providing an overview for further decision-making. Tracking information helps school officials by minimizing the need to switch between different tabs.

Online Fee Collection and Management

School administrators are free to collect and manage fee-related information available in the admission management portal. Fee-related data is clearly listed along with the name to avoid discrepancies. Acceptance of payments through any mode and bank provides flexibility to parents.

Create Web Pages

This effort is highly beneficial in expressing the school's presence to the world. The website enhances reach to the right audience. It attracts students interested in extracurricular activities by informing them about the school's offerings. This website also boosts the school's ranking in state and national-level competitions. The next step is to fill out the inquiry form for further details. The admission management system feature allows for the creation of inquiry forms and admissions for quick assistance to parents.

Select Sessions and Manage Data

Teachmint facilitates operations by requiring minimal processing by authorities. Therefore, users are required to select sessions and set up initial stages to receive applications for admission. The abundance of incoming applications can be easily searched based on student names, phone numbers, or IDs. Student data can be managed through various steps such as interviews, selection, rejection or admission confirmation, or removing prospects as needed. The same can be communicated to parents through the provided contact details.

Benefits of Admission Management System Features

The benefits of utilizing admission management system features for administrators are:

Automatic steps for all actions, such as class allocation

Fewer documents

Organized processes

Easy communication

Data filtering for easy selection, rejection, or finding suitable candidates

Reliable filters, search functions, and information accuracy

Availability of reports for data

User-friendly for non-specialized parents

Easy online fee payments

Easy creation of fee receipts without manual involvement

Check complete profiles with student information

Modify or edit student details

School Admission Management System Visualization Features

The system also provides data for obtaining information, taking actions, and generating reports. So, its features are:

Choose a time duration to visualize information

Visualization functions provide comprehensive information about different lead stages. It informs authorities about details such as the number of inquiries, with names, IDs, contact numbers, fee status, and investigation methods. Data is categorized into - inquiries, first calls, interested, interviewed, selected, rejected, and students with confirmed admissions available for several users.

Switch between weeks, months, or sessions

To further facilitate visibility for users, they can easily switch to a specific time frame. The availability of accurate information allows data filtering only for the number of students needed.

Fee Transactions

The school administration can freely check whether a student's fee status is completed or still pending. This provides insights into confirmed or unconfirmed admissions. This feature aids in identifying the number of seats filled or vacant for classes and sections based on fee data and other candidate status information.

Manage follow-ups with complete information

Follow-ups in the mentioned cases are necessary for timely decision-making. The school doesn't want to lose high-achieving students. However, any difficulties parents may encounter can be easily communicated through the following. This allows categorizing follow-ups into complete, missed, and planned sections.

Benefits of Visualization in the New Student Admission Management System

Various benefits obtained by visualizing data from the system are:

Fewer transitions to different tools or pages

Easy comparison between various categories

Ability to check each student's records for easier recall of important information

View action statuses for rescheduling or completing follow-ups

Potential Uses of Other Admission Management System Features

Data in this system can be used for creating various types of reports. Various possibilities are stated below. However, report creation is not limited to the ideas mentioned below but contains room for creativity depending on the perspective of insights.

Know Registration Status

This considers inquiry requests generated through any communication mode. The generated official reports can expect maximum queries from the online platform. However, the reports should also include conversations via phone and direct inquiries before compiling the report.

For example, the gap between the number of inquiries and final admissions reveals much about the school's feature representation. Similarly, fee data can be represented to show insights into collection, optional facility usage, and preferred payment methods. Optional facilities can be tailored to student needs for the school's betterment. The chosen payment methods can focus more on addressing arising issues (if any).

Learn About Facilities

Schools provide different services that can be enlisted as needed. This refers to optional services such as dance classes, music lessons, sports activities, classes for competitive exams, or vocational courses. The number of parents opting for these services can be monitored to understand their usage or demand among students.

Insight into Payment Methods

With a high percentage of parents opting for online fee transactions, schools have a responsibility to continuously optimize this feature. The report can provide dynamic insights into preferred payment methods. Preferred platforms can be further optimized to address issues, while less preferred ones can be examined to understand reasons for low usage.

Curate Schedules for Teachers and Students

Creating schedules for teachers and students is a tedious task. It requires a lot of information and considerations, such as:

Number of classes, teachers, and sections

Subjects chosen by teachers

Number of students taking vocational courses or other courses

Allocation of free time and balanced study time

Maintaining the right frequency of specific subject classes for syllabus completion

Generating additional classes if needed

The system gathers the maximum necessary information for scheduling. Therefore, it is a useful tool for checking and organizing schedules for students and teachers.

Advantages of Admission Management System Features

The introduction of digitization and modernization in the attendance management system provides many benefits to both school authorities and parents using the school website.

What are the Benefits of the Admission Management System for Administration?

Authorities and school administrators can use this system to leverage its benefits. The advantages provided to them are:

Easy management

Ideal software characteristics involve not only collecting or listing all details but also replacing existing methods more efficiently. Additional features are required besides those already existing to make it easy for employees to work with the tool without causing confusion. The Teachmint system is designed with these characteristics in mind.

Extensive organization with clickable options for actions enables quick responses. Sorting options replace searching and flipping through hundreds of pages for a piece of information. Information filtering options replace recording information on other papers or copying based on specific criteria. Profiles with multiple admission options facilitate admission management. It also provides student details and the freedom to edit them.

One-Page Web System

One highly beneficial and unique advantage of our system, designed by experts to manage attendance records in your school, is a one-page web solution. It has been created for administrators and authorities to eliminate buffering time and find every piece of information in one place. This organization is free from clutter and arranged in the best way to soothe the eyes and mind. It is also beneficial by allowing comparisons between different sections.

Generate reports

A lot of information about students, parents, fees, optional services, classes, and other choices can be easily mapped into a single report. Report creation will enable statistical analysis of preferences, track school growth and progress efficiently. The download feature further allows easy data transfer for sharing in presentation reports. Moreover, it also facilitates sharing information for better visualization.

Better security

This tool's system provides unparalleled security compared to other admission management methods. An example of the statement above is the presence of crucial features like access control. This option limits unauthorized actions on a set of crucial information. In addition to user access control, network-based security is also available from Teachmint. The cloud-based system prohibits penetration of other network-based threats, such as viruses or malware. The benefits are generally not present in computer-based software, where users rely on separately purchased antivirus for protection.

Large accommodation

Regardless of the number of inquiries, let's say five hundred. So, the estimated number of admissions could be above a hundred. Now, the same scenario occurs in five branches of a particular school. It is practically impossible and impractical to handle large amounts of information through physical handling. Traditionally used software or tools are created with limited capacity. Welcoming the era of digitization, Teachmint allows limitless information with easy tracking options.

Ease of obtaining information

Earlier times witnessed physical form filling with parents leaving parts that were not understandable blank. The essential parts for the school then needed to be communicated through phone calls or other communication methods. This system eliminates the requirement for outdated worldly methods. Simple email or SMS communication can do the necessary. Follow-ups enable sending gentle reminders without harassing or embarrassing parents with multiple calls.


The process of managing new student admissions based on non-software methods benefits from the purchase or retrieval of physical forms from the school. Free forms are usually taken in double amounts to cover errors in filling out the first form, thus adding to wastefulness and school resources. Digitalization replaces many areas that require forms, and the school admission process is one of them. This contributes to environmental preservation by making the school an actual example to practice it. By choosing an effective and digital student admission management system, schools can show their concern and, consequently, a solution to the environment. This enhances the school's value.

Increased efficiency

Simple paper-based or Excel-based data is vulnerable to loss or misplacement. Human authorities are prone to errors and may lose one or two forms. They may also miss filling in details from one form for further processing. The consequence is parents waiting for news from the school, thus wasting time. This will also lower the school's reputation, showing their negligence.

This issue can be easily avoided by implementing automated admission management methods. The availability of various information and automated actions leaves no room for human errors or mistakes. This information can be sorted based on the required actions from them. This ensures a decrease in the likelihood of losing any prospects or applications.

Confirmation Message for Fee Acceptance with Credentials

The fee acceptance process can be time-consuming and hectic. Lack of information and waiting for further procedures reduce the chances of exploring other school options. Additionally, rejections after a long wait disappoint parents and lead to a loss of students' confidence. This also limits choices for students.

Therefore, an efficient communication system in student admission management is required to avoid such scenarios that ultimately result in a decline in the school's reputation due to these actions. By incorporating these features, the Teachmint system enables effective communication. It provides the option to send messages for admission forms and fees. Authorities can also set dates and follow-up times through messages.

Global Recognition

Teachmint's designed admission management system comes with an option to indicate online presence. This is one of the most beneficial options for any school. It allows maximum outreach to students and parents. Displaying online presence provides a platform to efficiently showcase school life with images as evidence. Showcasing various school facilities provides a way to reach a maximum audience interested in various sectors.

What are the Benefits of Admission Management System for Parents?

Parents also benefit from different features of the admission management system through the following points:

Flexibility in Admission

Global recognition is an effective method to increase outreach and address queries about the admission procedure. It would be highly beneficial for parents to relocate to a specific place where they can ensure the admission process first. This helps students not to lose their learning progress, avoiding gaps or a year's decline. It also introduces students to school life from all around the world.

Time Management

Students' time is precious. The speed of answering admission questions or news from the desired school is a determining factor in admission. This quick process saves their time and energy, thus improving their mental well-being. As explained in the previous section, efficient organization and communication systems allow information to be in place. Facilities to schedule follow-up calls allow no disruption in the busy schedule of any party and help in providing accurate and timely information.

No Need for Expertise

The design of the Teachmint admission management system is to provide user convenience. This ensures that parents do not need expertise to navigate the website or webpage created and get information about the services provided by the school. Admission forms and inquiries tailored to the school are also forms curated to request information in simple English.

Easy Receipt Generation

The payment window at any school often displays a long queue of people impatiently waiting to pay fees and feeling frustrated in the process. Online payment methods overcome all these shortcomings, where parents can pay any amount anytime comfortably. Spontaneous receipt generation allows timely action without waiting to perform other tasks. Payments can be displayed anytime thanks to online storage on drives, phones, or laptops.

Cost-Saving Approach

Parents can save various types of costs by introducing an efficient and digital system. They do not need to regularly visit the school to get the latest information on admission procedure openings, purchase or collect forms, submit them, process through document submission, and pay fees. Printed forms also do not incur processing fees and can be provided for free. This saves transportation costs, time, and mental stress.

To Sum Up

The school admission management system introduces a modern touch to school operations. Facilitating school operations and reducing parental efforts, it enables collaboration between high-achieving students and high-quality schools. The Teachmint admission management tools are known to enhance efficiency and productivity, providing security and expediting the entire admission process.

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